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Seeing a lot of ‘Build your own website’ recommendations when people ask for advice on it.

Here’s why that’s not a great idea.

Did you build your own house, do your own plumbing or fit your own electric? Did you think you had more experience or know better than experts who have spent years refining their craft?

The DIY attitude is great for round the house to save pennies or dollars but when it comes to your business website, it’s your first impression for many visitors and believe me when I say they have more choice and a shorter attention span than ever.

Many of those who say ‘I built it myself’ Believe me, we can tell. Hiring a Website designer with expert UX knowledge is the difference between getting a new lead / call and them checking our your competitors instead.

Every single DIY website I’ve ever seen never conforms to web accessibility standards, googles recommendations for user experience and almost always has a long page load time due to either the DIY’er having no knowledge of website optimisation or using a service like Wix / SquareSpace with an incredibly high amount of requests on the waterflow ( bloat )

If you’re the only person in your field in your area, it’s not as necessary to stand out, but if not you kind of need to!

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